Welcome to Second Time Around
Childrens Consignment Boutique!

Want to get top quality clothing at reasonable prices ? If so, you owe it to yourself to check us out before spending the “Big Bucks”. We know what we’re talking about. We raised 5 children and know what it’s like trying to outfit children AND please them, too. Peer pressure is awful, but it’s there nevertheless. So when you can find gently used, top quality, carefully screened clothing at very reasonable prices you owe it to yourself to take a look. You may even find a few items that have never been worn and with the original price tag! Our great Augusta Road location means you get in-style, up to date clothing on a regular basis. Our quality guarantee ensures that all garments are stain free, good quality and in good condition. We are very picky!

Consignment is the name of our game! You bring in good quality worn or unworn clothing, newborn to size 10. We price it for you and keep the items out on the floor for 90 days. You receive 40% of the selling price. There are even some brands that we keep longer than 90 days…. we’ll tell you about this when you come in. After 90 days whatever did not sell will NOT be returned to you but will be donated to a local charity. As far as toys, equipment , books, games and bikes, the same rules apply.
Come see us. No appointment necessary. We take consignments whenever we’re open!


At Second Time Around you can tell that we love children! Not only do we want the little ones to look their very best, we want to use our position as a leading children’s consignment boutique to enhance the minds of the children that pass through our doors. With this mission in mind, we developed Second Time Around Book club! The rules are easy. Read 10 books, write down the titles and bring the list into the store and receive a free book.

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